The Secret to using NetDocuments on a Mac


Here is the master page for a group of articles that explain how to use NetDocument’s on a Mac.

Opening up Existing Documents in NetDocuments

ndClick is a program that will allow you to open up existing documents on your Mac system and save those changes back into NetDocuments management software.  It works in Safari and Chrome.  Since we don’t have the ndSave option, we have come up with some other techniques for versioning documents.  When using ndClick, it’s an excellent plan to make this change in Mission Control, so your make doesn’t jump around when switching between a document and ndClick.

Creating New Documents

In NetDocuments,  you can go to Add – Blank Document to create a new document.  You will be forced to profile the document, and then it will open on your Mac.  If you have a Microsoft 365 Account, you can also create a new document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint online.  You can also install ndSync, which is DropBox for NetDocuments.  You can sync certain NetDocuments Workspaces and folders to your Mac.  If you save New Documents into those folders, they will get uploaded into NetDocuments.


If you use Outlook or Mac Mail, it will let you save emails on your computer. So if you install ndSync, you can save emails to the ndSync folders. You can also forward emails to a folder in NetDocuments, but let’s be real, no one ever does this.

If you have purchased ndMail and are using Office 365, you can get a ndMail Icon in Outlook and saved directly to NetDocuments.

I have detailed all of these methods  in the following articles:


Existing Documents

New Documents