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Unlock the power of NetDocuments for your law firm with our comprehensive suite of services.

Deep Understanding

We work closely with your firm to identify its specific needs and determine the best way to configure the NetDocuments accordingly.

Effortless Migration

With nearly 450 successful migrations completed, we have established a proven workflow and system to smoothly transition you to NetDocuments with minimal disruption.

Top-Notch Training

Our comprehensive training sessions ensure your team gets onboard quickly and confidently.

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"Craig Bayer from Optiable was so knowledgeable. He was instrumental in getting us up and running with NetDocuments." See this case study.

What's the Cost?

Consider the cost of not moving your data management into the cloud. With the constant news about data breaches at top law firms, movie studios, political parties, and major corporations, it’s easy to see what can happen with data that’s not handled correctly. For some, the damaged reputation and litigation are just the beginning.

When Covid-19 disrupted the way we do business, some organizations were brought to a standstill, unable to work away from the office and uncertain what to do about it.

Add to that the competitive disadvantage a tech-averse firm has against firms that make full use of technology and putting the right systems in place is even more critical.

That’s where we can help…

We work with law firms to increase their productivity, secure their data, and free up their time so they can grow their business.

How to Get Started


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We Create an Implementation Plan 

Together with you we determine how NetDocuments will be set up and customized for the firm.


Implementation and Rollout

We use our a proven workflow and system to get you up and running with NetDocuments with minimal disruption.

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