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Productivity is in our blood. We know that competitive firms like yours need solutions that save you time and increase your output. We know that time is one of your most valuable resources, and that you’re sick of wasting it on tedious issues within your management systems.

about optiable craig bayer | legal document management software
about optiable craig bayer | legal document management software

The Story of Optiable:

Disaster Brings Freedom

In 2005 Katrina slammed into Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast, destroying homes and businesses on a massive scale. I was three years into helping attorneys use technology to improve their firms. After Katrina, dozens of these firms came to me seeking help to rebuild their firms from the ground up.

This experience changed my perspective on what’s possible for firms when they embrace the advantages technology can give them.

Losing everything in many cases freed these professionals to rethink how they wanted their firms to look once we completed rebuilding.

  • They were free to build the firm how they wanted
  • They weren’t tied down to old structures and traditions
  • They embraced technology based on how it would create an efficient, flexible firm, not how it would fit into the old way of doing things

The funny thing is, many of these professionals resisted technology prior to the storm…

After losing everything, they were able to build firms that took advantage of everything technology could do for them, often making their firms better than they were before Katrina hit.

Have You Ever Wondered..?

But even before the disaster, these professionals had a strong sense that their firms could be improved with technology.

If you’re like them and many of the attorneys we talk to, some of this may sound familiar:

  • You feel like your operations could be more efficient and productive
  • You’d love it if you could use machines to do what they do best, freeing up your team to focus on their areas of expertise
  • You want to give your team the flexibility to be mobile, but in a way that keeps the firm and its clients safe
  • You wonder if other firms are using technology to gain a competitive edge

The Problem is Knowing the Best First Step

You’re an expert at what you do, and that’s your focus. Knowing what to do or where to start when integrating technology into your firm’s workflow isn’t an area of expertise… and this makes it difficult to adopt technology that can help you.

  • You’re busy running and growing your firm, and you don’t have time to keep up with the technology that can improve your firm’s efficiency and output.
  • You’ve tried various technologies in the past and it actually made things worse. You didn’t have time to figure out why, so you dropped it.
  • When you tried upgrading systems and technologies in the past, some staff rebelled and continued working how they felt most comfortable.

The problem is competing firms are using technology to become more productive, making it difficult for firms who resist these advances to keep pace.

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Optiable Has Been Helping Firms Like Yours Since 2002

Since 2002, I’ve helped hundreds of attorneys, engineers, and financial advisors use technology to improve their businesses.

Clients I’ve helped enjoy:
Greater efficiencies
Improved security
A safe mobile workforce
High technology adoption
No wasteful redundancies
More time for productive tasks
Client data in a virtual lockbox
Increased controls over document access and persmissions

Can this Work for You?

Maybe you’ve tried upgrading your firm’s technology in the past and it made things worse, so you’re wondering if this can work for you.

Well, it depends…

If you don’t choose the right technology for your needs, or set it up in a way that works against (rather than complements) your firm’s existing workflows, upgrading your technology may just gum things up.

This is why Optiable’s focus is on helping you pick the right technology for your firm, and showing your team how to make that technology work for them.

This process has worked for hundreds of firms similar to yours…

Craig Bayer is the expert that lawyers like me count on to help solve our digital document management needs.

His advice is solid, trustworthy and always helpful.

Ernie Svenson

If you can explain how your firm operates, then it’s likely we can help you too.

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about optiable craig bayer | legal document management software
about optiable craig bayer | legal document management software

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