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testimonials optiable document management software | testimonials craig bayer
testimonials optiable document management software | testimonials craig bayer

“If you’ve ever thought, ‘that will never work here,’ you’ve got to talk with Craig Bayer. Craig and his team at Optiable helped us transition to cloud-based document management system. Now, we don’t have to be at the office every day and didn’t sacrifice efficiency or productivity to make it happen.”

Keith MagnessNew Orleans Accident Attorney

“I've met a lot of tech consultants, because I speak at technology conferences, and Craig is one of a small group (that I can count on one hand) that (1) knows his stuff cold, (2) can be counted on, even when things happen unexpectedly, (3) will recommend something based solely on whether it's right for the client (even if it is a recommendation he doesn't sell, or even one that a competitor sells). Craig is also super easy to get along with. He's always cheerful, accommodating, and extraordinarily polite. That's why his clients (I'm one too) love him!”


“Craig really knows his stuff when it comes to using technology in a law office/business. I've watched him teach lawyers about technology and I learn from him every chance I get.”

Paul RabalaisEstate Planning Attorney, Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC

“In my view, Craig Bayer is THE expert in legal technology. No matter the software, Web app, or other technology issues, Craig always knows the best solution -- usually, off the top of his head! Craig knows more about cutting-edge technology than anyone I've ever worked with. His work ethic is outstanding, yet he's fun and funny, witty, and extremely personable. His legal technology presentations and seminars are the best I've attended, and always well-received. I wholeheartedly endorse Craig Bayer and his outstanding company, Law Office Technology.”

Kim PlonskyLitigation Paralegal

“I have consulted with Craig on a number of issues ranging from Exchange providers to Worldox issues. As a consultant, he is an excellent resource for any Law firm IT department. The odds are if Craig hasn't helped a firm or legal department do exactly what you want to accomplish he knows someone who does and will help you work with them. I look forward to using Optiable and specifically Craig's knowledge of software again in the future.”

Johnston SmithInformation Technology Director 80 User Law Firm in New Orleans

“Before talking with Craig, I thought only a large law firm could work with a sophisticated data-management system. Now, I know a mid size law firm like mine can have all the advantages of a big law firm. Working with Craig allowed us to find the perfect solution and make the transition to working from the cloud easier than I could have imagined.”

Stephen Robbins20 User Law Firm - New York City

“Optiable helped us transition to a new DMS, and now we are no longer tied to our office. Attorneys and support staff can work from home and still work seamlessly with each other and clients. Thank you, Craig!”

Jodi BucksPotomac Law Group - 100% Virtual Firm with over 150 Users

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