How to export documents out of NetDocuments – Method 2 – ndSync

There are four methods* for exporting documents out of NetDocuments:

*Each user also has the option to download documents. This will export the documents from NetDocuments but not preserve any folder or filter format.

This article will discuss method 2: ndSync, which is like Dropbox but for NetDocuments.  It allows you to sync an area of NetDocuments with your local computer.   Since the Mass Export Tool doesn’t work with the Canadian Data Center, this is the perfect option for our Canadian Data Center Clients.


  • It’s really easy to use.
  • If a document is in multiple locations, it will export that document out in multiple locations.
  • It allows you to do Multiple Matters at the same time.
  • CollabSpaces will be exported.


  • You have to purchase ndsync
  • It only exports the official version, not every single version
  • You can run into File Path Length Issues.
  • It doesn’t create a file with all the metadata information (Comments, Author, etc.)

First, we must ensure the firm has purchased and turned on ndSync.

Part 1: Turn on ndSync

Step 1: In NetDocuments Admin, Go to ndSync Management


Step 2: Make Sure Allow ndSync is checked

If it says ndSync is disabled for this repository, you won’t be able to use this method.


Part 2: Sync a Workspace to your desktop

The Bluth Company wants its matter, the Purchase of 4432 Tetrick Road, back.

Step 1: Go to that workspace in NetDocuments and click on the Carrot Next to the Matter Name


Step 2: Click  Sync workspace


Step 3:  Download ndSync if you have not installed it.

We cover installing ndSync in these articles:  WINDOWS or MAC


Step 4: Once ndSync is installed, click on the ndSync Icon in the system tray (bottom right corner)


Step 5: Clean up and folder path issues. (Windows Only)

See this article to prevent file and folder path issues from occurring.

Folderpath issues are usually because of email.  When you sync something to a Windows computer, you deal with Windows folder path limitations.  NetDocuments doesn’t have the limitations Windows does.


In this instance, I need to shrink the names of some of the emails before they sync on a Windows computer.  If I click the pencil next to the title, I can shorten it.


Step 6: Once it stops saying Syncing, click on the folder


This will allow me to browse the Workspace on my computer.

Step 7: Copy the workspace folder to your desktop

You could copy the folder to a flash drive and send it to the client.  You probably want to compress the folder if you transmit it via the Internet.


Step 8:  Download and install 7 Zip to compress the file.

Step 9: Right-click on the folder, choose 7-Zip, and then choose the fifth option.


This will create a compressed file.


Step 10:  In NetDocuments, Choose Unsync Workspace

When you have sent the file, you should Unsync the Workspace from your desktop.