How to export documents out of NetDocuments – Method 4 – Hire Optiable

There are four methods* for exporting documents out of NetDocuments:

*Each user also has the option to download documents. This will export the documents from NetDocuments but not preserve any folder or filter format.

This article will discuss method 4: Hiring Optiable to do this.

When it comes to managing legal documents, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Law firms should consider hiring Optiable to export documents from NetDocuments. With Optiable’s expertise in document management, you can ensure a seamless transition of your files. Our team understands the unique needs of law firms and is adept at navigating the complexities of NetDocuments. Choosing Optiable saves valuable time and mitigates the risk of data loss or mismanagement. Trust Optiable for a hassle-free, secure, and efficient document export process so you can focus on what you do best—practicing law.


  • We do all the work.
  • If a document is in multiple locations, we will export that document out in multiple locations.
  • We can do multiple matters at the same time.
  • CollabSpaces will be exported.
  • We can get around file path issues.
  • We will send a CSV file with all the metadata included.
  • We can export from all data centers, including Canada.
  • Deleted Items can be exported.
  • This is the fastest of all methods.
  • Files not in a folder or filter will be exported.
  • We do extensive reporting to make sure everything gets exported.


  • You have to pay me money.

All you really need to do is tell us what you want exported, and then we will export that information and send it to you via zip files.  Here are a couple of considerations we will discuss during the export:

Files that have the same name

These are mostly emails. We want to ensure we append the unique NetDocuments ID to each export file so we don’t risk overwriting a file.

So if a document is labeled Letter to Judge MSJ hearing it will be exported out as

Letter to Judge MSJ hearing 4880-0840-7320_1.docx

Documents with Versions

Do you want the official or all versions if a document has multiple versions? We can do either.

When the documents are exported out of NetDocuments, they will look like this:

Letter to Judge MSJ hearing 4880-0840-7320_1.docx

Letter to Judge MSJ hearing 4880-0840-7320_2.docx

File Path Issues

We will export them in the following folder path:

Client ID\Matter ID\Doc Type ID

For example


1923 is the Client ID for The Bluth Company

2303 is the Matter ID of the LLC Formation for the new Banana Stand Franchise

Why don’t we export the documents into folders like this:

“The Bluth Company\LLC Formation for the new Banana Stand Franchise\Correspondence\”

We would run afoul of the Windows-imposed file size limits.  Therefore, we can condense the value to the smallest path to ensure we export everything.