Using the NetDocuments Chrome Extension to upload documents to websites

A couple of years ago NetDocuments released a feature called IP Court Filing.  This allowed you to go to a court website, click on an upload button, and have NetDocuments automatically “pop.”  IP Court Filing saved you the step of having to download documents to your desktop and then upload them to the website.

IP Court filing works for really for any website that has an upload button.

Google Chrome released an update that broke this function.

NetDocuments went through and created a chrome extension to fix this issue.

When you install ndclick, and NetDocuments detects google chrome, it will automatically install the extension.

You can also manually install the extension from the Chrome Store or push it out via registry.

The Chrome Extension will put an nd Icon in chrome.


Once you go to a website with an upload button, you want to click on the Chrome Extension and choose Connect:


Now when you click on the upload button,  NetDocuments will pop open:


If you had the old ipcourt filing installed, you would need to remove it to get this to work.   If you remove it, you won’t be able to use this functionality in Internet Explorer.

This article explains how to install ipcourt filing.   You will do the same thing to uninstall it,

Except you will choose Enter feature will be unavailable.


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