Upload Documents to Websites Directly from NetDocuments in Google Chrome

When you upload Documents to websites, you want NetDocuments to pop open.  For Google Chrome, NetDocuments has created a Chrome Extension so that this can happen.

This is for Google Chrome ONLY, if you have Firefox, click HERE

During the installation of ndClick, the chrome extension should automatically install.  If it doesn’t, you can manually install it from the Chrome Store.

Step 1: Click the Thumbtack Next to NetDocuments in Chrome Extensions

Once the extension is installed, you will want to click on the puzzle and the Thumbtack next to NetDocuments:

Step 2:  Go to a Website where you need to upload documents, like a court website.

Step 3: Click on the ndIcon in Chrome


Step 4:  Choose Connect


Step 5:  Click upload and NetDocuments will pop open


Note that you can convert a document to a pdf before you upload it.

If NetDocuments does not pop open, I recommend calling NetDocuments Technical Support: 801-226-6882, Option 2