Removing the Windows 260 Character Limit with NetDocument’s ndSync

ndSync is a program that allows you to sync part of your NetDocuments onto your computer.  This is great if you are going to working somewhere that has spotty internet.

ndSync works for both Windows and Mac.  If you are using ndSync on a Windows Computer, you might get an error like the one below.

Microsoft had a limitation of 260 characters.  That means that if the file path and name is longer then 260 characters, Windows won’t support it.

NetDocuments has no such limation so that you can have paths that long.  It’s not an issue until you decided to sync the NetDocuments location to your local PC.

Recently, Microsoft removed this limitation in Windows 10, but since it’s not turned on by default, most people don’t know about it.

You can edit the registry in Windows or use Group Policy


You want LongPathsEnabled to have a 1 and not zero by it.

In the Jul 2019 update of ndSync, NetDocuments will now support the long path names.



Once you have made the change to the registry and running the current version of ndSync,  restart your PC, and you will stop getting path errors.