Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Adobe Issues with NetDocuments

We thought it would be a good idea to put together all our articles about the Adobe Integration with NetDocuments. When you hit Save As or Open in Adobe


NetDocuments should Automatically Pop Open.  If this is not happening, here are a couple of quick steps to get this working.

You get an error Message saying Protected mode is preventing ndOffice from loading

Shut off Protected mode in Adobe:  https://optiable.com/protecting-mode-is-preventing-ndoffice-from-loading/

Configure Adobe to Automatically Pop when saving or opening in NetDocuments

If you are running the correct version of Adobe, you need to configure Adobe so it Automatically pops.

Here is how you configure Adobe:  https://optiable.com/how-to-get-netdocuments-to-automatically-pop-when-saving-in-adobe/

If NetDocuments is still not working with Adobe,  you need to re-install the integration with NetDocuments.

Here is how you do that:  https://optiable.com/install-netdocuments-adobe-integration-after-netdocuments-ndoffice-has-been-installed/