Here is a Quick Way to make NetDocuments work in Google Chrome, and other browsers

November 8, 2018

If NetDocuments is Browser Agnostic (works in any browser) why do I always recommend that people use Internet Explorer (IE)?  NetDocuments has an Active X controller hooked into IE that allows users to automatically check backed in documents that they checked out.  So IE users save a step. NetDocuments has an add-in that will allow it to run in other browsers called ndOneClick.  By other browsers, I mean:

  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Edge (yuck)

How to Install It

If you are using a Mac, please read our Mac Instructions.  

First off, you need to open NetDocuments in Chrome, FireFox, or Safari.  You won’t see these options in Internet Explorer.


Step 1: Settings  –> Application Settings –> Click Setup


Step 2: Click Download and install ndOneClick











Click: Next, Next, Install, Finish

Step 3: Click Next, Next, Install, and Finish











Step 4: Click Next and Test ndOneClick











Note:  You will probably get a pop screen that appears.  You want to choose the option that says something like always use ndOneClick for this option.

Step 5: Click Finish and Check the box next to Enable ndOneClick




How to Use It

Now when you open (check out) a document in NetDocuments, you will a screen like this below:


When you want to Check In documents you get this option:


Just click Check in all closed documents and they will auto check-in.