My NetDocuments Plugins in Word/Excel/Outlook have disappeared

Microsoft products like to disabled add-ons, so they run faster.  This is not really a NetDocuments specific issue, but all programs that integrate with Microsoft Office.  Its also a very easy issue to fix.

In Outlook

In Outlook, if NetDocuments is not showing up, its probably in the Slow And Disabled COM Add-ins

Step 1:  Go to File –> Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins

Step 2: Click enable this add-in

In Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

The Plugin also might be disabled.  This can happen in all Office Programs

Step 1:  Go to File –> Options — Add-Ins

Change the Manage option to Disabled Items.


Make sure no NetDocuments Plugins say they are disabled.  If you see something that says NetDocuments here, highlight it, and click enable.  Then click ok.

Step 2: Change the manage from Disabled Items to COM Add-ins


Make sure that any box that has NetDocuments next to it is checked.


Step 3: Close the Microsoft Office Program you are in and reopen it.

You might see one of the following messages:


Click View Disabled Add-ins and and enable it


Click NO

Unchecked Add-ins

In most cases that’s it.  However if the NetDocuments Plugins still will not load, you will need to edit the registry.  This is where you might need to get your IT or us involved. 

Registry –>







You want to change the LoadBehavior from 0 to 3


Still having trouble,  see: