The Secret of Using NetDocuments on a Mac, ndOneClick

If you are using Safari or Chrome on your mac, see this article instead.  If you are using Firefox, continue below.


In this article, we will cover ndOneClick, a Mac Program NetDocuments has released that makes it easy to open documents, make changes, and check them back in.  Without ndOneClick for Mac, you would have to add 2 steps every time you did this.  ndOneClick will work in any browser, but I find that it works best in Google Chrome.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> Application –> ndOneClick and click Setup


Step 2: Click Download


Step 3: Click on ndoneclick.dmg after it downloads


Step 4: Click Agree


Step 5: Drag ndOneClick into the Application Folder


Step 6: Once Installed, go back into NetDocuments, Click Next and Click Test ndOneClick


Step 7: Testing ndOneClick


You will get a different option depending on what browser you are in, but you want to click on the option that says something like, always use ndoneclick.

Step 8: Click Finish

How to use ndOneClick