How Document Stamping works with NetDocuments and Microsoft Word


If you look at the footer of the page above, you will see a document id number (4826-8897-1546) followed by a version number.  This is very useful if you are holding a physical sheet of paper and want to jump directly to this document in NetDocuments.

You just have to type in 4826-8897-1546 and it will automatically open.


If you open up ndOffice (right click on the nd icon in the system tray and then choose settings) you can customize the stamp.


Your Options are as follows:

Footer Every Page

Footer Every Page except the first* (My preferred stamping Method)

Last Page


This is an individual workstation setting, not something that occurs system wide.  If you have stamping turned off, and a user with stamping on, opens up and edits a documents, the stamp will appear.