The 3 Most Common Error Messages NetDocuments users get when stamping documents in Word


Issue 1:  The Doc ID can’t be updated due to a lack of space in the footer.



In Word, your Footer from Bottom must be 0.2 or greater.



If you have it at 0.1, like in the picture above, NetDocuments won’t be able to add the Document Stamp.  The solution is to change it to 0.2 or greater like the error message says.


Issue 2:  Document Stamping removes the header from my document.


In Word, the Document Header and Footer are linked together.  Sometimes adding the NetDocuments Footer can remove the Header.  To fix this, go to:


ndOffice  –> Settings –> ID Stamp



Under Location:


If Location is: Footer of every page

Change it to Footer of every page, except the first


If the Location is: Footer of every page, except the first

Change it to Footer of every page


I have found by toggling the Location, you can fix the issue.


Issue 3: Conflict Error Message




The NetDocuments stamping setting is per user at your firm.  If users have difference stamping settings, NetDocuments will warn you when saving a document.

In the example above,  the document had the stamping of footer every page and the user who is saving the document has their stamping set to the last page. When they go to save the document, NetDocuments is asking what you want to do.


I recommend that firms have a uniform stamping policy so this does not become that much of an issue.



You can also check Don’t Prompt me in the ndoffice settings.