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Troubleshooting NetDocuments Check-in issues

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Every so often I have issues with documents that I change on my computer that don’t check back into NetDocuments.   If a document does not check back in correctly, NetDocuments makes a note, so you know there is an issue.  This is primarily caused by the following:

  • NetDocuments thinks the document is opened, even though it’s not
  • The upload failed

Sometimes it’s a NetDocuments fault and sometimes it’s your computer’s.  Regardless, it’s pretty easy to fix.

Scenario 1: Opened for Editing


ndoffice is telling me that the Excel File “NetDocs Cost Quote Worksheet” is still open for editing.  That is not true, I no longer have excel open on my computer.

I am also seeing the same thing on NetDocuments in the web browser.


To fix this issue, I simply right click on the document in the ndOffice app and it checks back in.


If that does not work, click on the document in the ndoffice app, save and close it.  That should check it in.

Scenario 2: Upload Failed


NetDocuments throws a red Upload Failed error. Click on the upload failed.


Choose retry and NetDocuments will upload the document.

Scenario 3:  You still can’t check in the document

If you can’t check in the document via ndoffice, you can do it through the web.  Right Click on the document and choose Check IN (click customize menu and add check in if it’s not there)


To find the location of the ndoffice folder, go back to your ndOffice app and click on View Echo Folder.  This where all your NetDocuments Files are stored on your computer.


Browse to the ndoffice folder.


Find the file in the ND Office Echo folder and upload it.