The hidden NetDocuments Feature that enhances NetDocuments on a mobile device. (ndkeyboard)

Improve Your Mobility with Effortless Document Sharing: NetDocument’s innovative ndKeyboard feature allows for seamless document sharing on mobile devices. Say goodbye to switching applications to insert a link or attachment. With just a single tap, the intuitive system enables you to swap mobile keyboards without interrupting your workflow. Forget compatibility concerns – ndKeyboard works with Outlook, MS Teams, and any other application you may use. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can boost your productivity wherever you go.

Step 1:  Install the NetDocuments App on Andoid or iOS

Step 2:  Switch the Keyboard to ndKeyboard


Step 3: Search for the Document you want to send


Step 4:  Choose the document and add a link will insert into the email


NOTE: You can enter links to documents anywhere, like Text Messages: