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NetDocuments Tips

Using NetDocuments for the First Time – NetDocs Login

By February 4, 2021June 3rd, 2022No Comments

Step 1:  In Outlook, Open up the email from NetDocuments.

Step 2:   Click Activate


If you did not get an email from NetDocuments, check your junk email folder.

If you still do not see that email from NetDocuments, follow these steps:,link%20to%20reset%20your%20password.

Step 3: Create your NetDocuments Password

Step 4:  In NetDocuments, Click on the arrow next to your name and click Settings


Step 6:  Check Personal Information and make changes if incorrect and click OK


Step 7: Under Application Settings Make sure Turn on desktop Email Integration has a check by it.

Click OK and Close

Step 8: Make sure you see these two programs in your system tray of your computer (ndOffice and ndClick)

Step 9:  Make sure you are logged into both of these Programs

Right click on each program and login using your work email address and the password you just created.

Step 10:  Restart your Computer