NetDocuments Workstation Settings to Check

If you have forgotten your password, see this article.

Step 1:  Login into NetDocuments via Internet Explorer (not edge)

You only have to log in to NetDocuments via Internet Explorer once.

Step 2:  Click on the arrow next to your name and click Settings


Step 3:  Check Personal Information and make changes if incorrect


Step 4: In Login Information Check Automatic Login Option if you have it


Step 5: Under Application Settings Turn on Desktop Email Integration and Filing.  Move the Default Search to 50.

You will need to check this in any browser you use NetDocuments in.


Step 6: Under Workstation Settings, turn on Echoing and choose 14 days

(This option only exists in Internet Explorer.  Even if you’re going to use NetDocuments in Chrome or Firefox, I would turn this option on)