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How to Customize Columns and sort order in NetDocuments

By November 8, 2018June 4th, 2022No Comments

You have the ability to customize your NetDocuments view so that it is unique to your account.  One example is to customize the columns you see when in list view.  By default, NetDocuments will not show you a document type, even though pretty much everyone uses that profile attribute.  You also have the ability to change the sort order.


In the example above I don’t see the document type and the documents are sorted by the date they were created.

Settings –> Define Display Format


I will click on Add Column to add my Document Type and change the sort order from the Created date to Modified Date.


When I switch to the list view, I will now see that information.


Note the Document Type and sort by modified date have now been added.

You can do the same thing to the Email List View.