OLD: Here is a Quick Way to Integrate your ScanSnap Scanner with NetDocuments

November 8, 2018

This article has been updated:  https://optiable.com/netdocuments-scansnap-integration/

Can you imagine pressing one button and having all your documents scanned and moved to your document management software in the cloud?  No more saving documents to your desktop and hoping you remember to profile them.  There is a way to setup NetDocuments and Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners to do exactly that.

Installation of the Link with NetDocuments

In NetDocuments go to Settings –> Workstation Make sure the first option under Auto Import is selected and make a note of the location of your Auto Import Folder.

  • Right click on the ScanSnap Icon in your system tray
  • Choose Scan Button Settings
  • Uncheck Use Quick Menu
  • Click On Detail
  • In the Save Tab make sure the Image saving folder is set to the NetDocuments AutoImport Location
  • In the Application Tab make sure Scan to Folder is Set
  • Under File Options, Check Convert to Searchable PDF

Now, when you place a group of documents in the scanner and press the scan button, NetDocuments Profile Screen will automatically appear.  What used to be a 4 step process has been reduced to 1 step.