Worldox Search vs NetDocuments Search

NetDocuments offers a search engine that adapts to your needs, no matter what type of hardware you’re utilizing. This means they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and will offer quicker results than Worldox because their database is up-to-date and run in the cloud.


For Worldox to work, you need to have a high-powered desktop that runs the Worldox Indexer Software.  At night that indexer updates both the text and profile databases.  So if you save a document to Worldox today, you have to wait until the next day to search for the document’s text.


NetDocuments is a cloud-based program, which means you don’t need any hardware to make it work. Once documents are saved in NetDocuments, they become full text searchable within minutes of saving them! Nothing needs rebuilding on weekends, so there are fewer points of failure than Worldox.

Why not check out how the search works in both products? I recently transferred a law firm over from Worldox to NetDocuments. Now we can see what happens when you search for text in both systems.

Search Time

Worldox:  2 Minutes 17 Seconds

NetDocuments: 3 Seconds

Results Counts

Worldox:  65,535

NetDocuments:  176,800 +

While I used to be a Worldox Consultant, now 100% of my business comes from implementing NetDocuments at Law Firms.  For more information about NetDocuments, please click HERE.