Updating ndMail and ndOffice on Windows Computer for NetDocuments

June 24, 2022

NetDocuments will release updates to ndMail and ndOffice throughout the year. When we set up NetDocuments, we block individuals from being able to update their computers. This prevents them from bricking their workstations. We recommend waiting a month before attempting to update when an update is released.

If you want to know when stuff is updated, please follow this page: https://support.netdocuments.com/s/topic/0TO4Q000000cNNNWA2/announcements?tabset-42c89=2.

Download Links for the latest version of ndMail and ndOffice





Manual Install (Running this individually on each PC)

After you update, you will be forced to log back into NetDocuments.

Step 1:  Download the ndOffice and ndMail exe files and save them to your desktop

Step 2:  Restart your PC

Step 3:  Run the EXE and they should update

Step 4: Open up Microsoft Word Excel, or Outlook

This will force the ndoffice to open

Step 5: Click Please log in


Step 6: Check Open browser automatically and click login


Step 7:  Click Allow


Step 8:  Click Always Allow and click Open NetDocuments ndOffice


Scripted Install (MSI)

Step 1:  Uninstall ndOffice

Step 2: Uninstall ndMail

Step 3:  Push out the new version of ndmail and or ndOffice

I would download the exes and push them out in a silent install:

Silent Install

If you wanted to use a bat file, you would paste the below contents into a batch file:

“\\server\source\NetDocuments\ndOffice\ndOfficeSetup.exe” /quiet /norestart

“\\server\source\NetDocuments\ndMail\ndMailSetup.exe” /quiet /norestart