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Updating to the version of ndOffice 3.1

By June 24, 2022June 26th, 2022No Comments

NetDocuments 3.1 has been released, which is the patch to 3.0.

The nice thing about this new version is that you no longer need ndClick, NetDocuments has added that to ndOffice.

Release Notes:

Download Links for ndOffice

Use the EXE if you are manually installing this.

Use the MSI if you are an IT Pro pushing this out.

Manual Install (exe)

Step 1:  Download ndOffice and save it to your desktop

Step 2:  Restart your PC*

* Or close all office products.

Step 3:  Uninstall ndOffice


Step 4:  If ndClick is installed,  uninstall it.

Step 5:  Click on ndOfficeSetup


Step 6:  Click Agree and Install


Step 7: Click Close


Step 8: Open up Microsoft Word or Excel, or Outlook

This will force the ndoffice to open

Step 9: Click Please log in


Step 10: Check Open browser automatically and click login


Step 11:  Click Allow


Step 12:  Click Always Allow and click Open NetDocuments ndOffice


Scripted Install (MSI)

Step 1:  Uninstall ndClick

Step 2:  Uninstall ndOffice

Step 3: Install ndOffice

Step 4:  Install ndOfficeAdobeSetup (either the 32 or 64 bit)*

*In 2022, Adobe moved to a 64 bit version of its software. You need to determine which version of Adobe your users have, and push out the proper version.

Depending on what version of Adobe you are running, install either the 86 or 64 bit of ndOffice Adobe Setup.

Possible Error Messages

You get the following Message:  Please install MS Office 2010 SP2 or newer and rerun this installer, when attempting to install ndOffice

You get an error when trying to uninstall ndClick or ndOffice.  Download the Microsoft Uninstall Tool and use that to remove the program.

NetDocuments and Adobe doesn’t integrate: