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Understanding NetDocuments OCR Setup

By April 4, 2023No Comments

NetDocuments OCR Administration:

How to Setup NetDocuments OCR:

Step 1: Cabinet Setup

Choose what cabinets you want OCR’d.


Step 2: Choose what type of files you want scanned and converted to searchable pdfs. 

I always choose PDFs and TIFF files.  Usually ,people want those text searchable.  BMP, PNG, and JPG are usually pictures that shouldn’t be converted to a text searchable document. 


Step 3:  Choose up to 3 Languages you want to make text searchable


Step 4:  OCR Pages with fewer than character count. 

I leave this at 150.  For more details see:

Step 5:  Save Settings and Backlog Scope

I always Save as new version.  If you choose overwrite the current version,  it will still keep the original version  as an attachment, so there is not space savings.

Keeping the document locked will force any new changes to create a new version.  We never check this option.