The secret to integrating NetDocuments and Workshare

Most law firms need to be able to run high end document comparison tools that go beyond the scope of the native features built into Word.  Workshare one of those products that we recommend, especially since they integrate directly with NetDocuments.  Below we will go over how to setup Workshare with NetDocuments.  If you already have Workshare installed, you will need to uninstall it and restart your computer.

Part 1: Install Workshare on your Desktop

Step 1: Start the Workshare install.  Choose or Customize your Install


Step 2:  Click Next


Step 3:  Choose NetDocuments and click Install


You need to do the above settings on every machine that needs to use Workshare.

Part 2: Cabinet Setup

You will also need to setup Workshare to work with your NetDocuments Cabinets.  This only needs to be done once, and not on every machine.  If you have multiple cabinets that you want to use Workshare on, you will need to do this on each cabinet.

Step 1:  Go into the Cabinet that you want to use WorkShare with.  Choose Integrate external applications


Step 2:  Check Workshare Compare


Repeat on all Cabinets that you want to use Workshare on.

Part 3: Using Workshare with NetDocuments

I want to compare version 3 to the most current version of the document How to get Started in the Cloud.

Step 1:  Select two documents to compare and click Sent to Application


Step 2: Choose Workshare Compare


If you followed the steps above, Workshare compare should open.  If it does not work, I would uninstall Workshare and start from the beginning.