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Document Check In Issues when starting with NetDocuments

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If you are having NetDocuments Tech Issues, please call this number: 801-226-6882 Option 2


When you open a document in NetDocuments, it should automatically open,  it should never download.  When you save and close a document, the green check mark should go away:



NOTE:  When I close Craig Budget 2021 in excel on my PC,  the green checkmark should go away within 30 seconds.

If you are downloading documents and nothing is checking back in, you have an issue that you need to fix.

Option 1:  Restart your computer

Option 2:  Make sure NetDocuments is installed on your computer


These two programs, ndOffice, and ndClick should have been installed on your computer.

If you are missing one of them, try restarting your computer.  If you still don’t see those two programs, please contact your IT have them reinstall them.

Option 3: Make sure you are logged in to ndOffice and ndClick

If you right-click on these two programs, it should show your name.

Option 4:  Call NetDocuments Tech Support and have them fix this:  801-226-6882 Option 2