The new Nuance Power PDF integration with NetDocuments

I have been an Adobe Acrobat user since the beginning of my career.  Adobe 12 or DC came out a while ago and I have pretty much hated it ever since.  I gave it a couple of months to see if that feeling would change, and it has not.

I called up my friend Ernie Svenson, and he recommended moving over to Nuance Power PDF.

I have hooked up Nuance to NetDocuments before, but not for the current version which I just purchased.  Unlike the old version, the new version does not come with the NetDocuments Connector installed.  You need to run a ‘detect and repair’ to use it.

Step 1:  Go to Control Panel –> Add and Remove Programs, Highlight Nuance and choose Change


Step 2: Choose Modify/Repair


Step 3: Drill Down to Connectors and Choose NetDocuments


Note:  You want to click on the drop-down arrow next to NetDocuments and install it.

Step 5:  Launch Nuance


Login to your NetDocuments Account


Now you will have NetDocuments Plugins in the save and open section

image image