Connecting Kofax Power PDF Advanced with NetDocuments

October 19, 2021

In the world of legal and professional document management, two powerful tools have emerged as critical assets for streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity: Kofax Power PDF and NetDocuments. This blog post will explore how integrating these two robust platforms can revolutionize the way professionals tackle document creation, editing, sharing, and storage. From the unparalleled PDF manipulation capabilities of Kofax Power PDF to the secure and efficient document management system of NetDocuments, we will provide insights into how harnessing these tools in unison presents a harmonious solution for complex document challenges. Join us as we dissect the benefits and nuances of this integration, aiming to equip you with a comprehensive understanding that will bolster your document management strategy.

Manually Turn on the Integration

Step 1:  Go to Control Panel –> Add and Remove Programs, Highlight Nuance or Kofax Power PDF Advanced, and choose Change


Step 2: Choose Modify/Repair


Step 3: Drill Down to Connectors and Choose NetDocuments


Note:  You want to click on the drop-down arrow next to NetDocuments and install it.

Step 4:  Launch Kofax


Step 5: Login to your NetDocuments Account

Note: How to Log in via single sign on


Now you will have NetDocuments Plugins in the save and open section

image image


Push out the Integration to Multiple Machines


Step 1:  Download this Guide

Go to Page 21

Step 2:  Create the custom mst file that contains the NetDocuments Install


Step 3: Create the Silent Install

It will look something like:

MsiExec.exe /i “\\<path\Kofax Power PDF Advanced.msi” TRANSFORMS=”\\path>\System64\admin_customSettings.mst” /qb