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The quick method to save Pacer\CM\ECF pdfs into NetDocuments

By March 7, 2022June 5th, 2022No Comments

When someone clicks on a pdf document from a website,  they want to be able to save it directly into their Document Management System like NetDocuments without having to download it to their desktop first.

A good DMS will intercept the Save As process as soon as the user clicks the button.  The problem with viewing a pdf on a website is that there is no Save or Save as Button.


As shown above, we only have the option to download this pdf.

The first method I describe here:

Does not seem to work in Pacer/CM/ECF Court Files.


We will need to use Option 2 which calls for us to view Pacer/CM/ECF in the Firefox Web Browser.


Step 1: Download and Install the Firefox Browser

Step 2: In Firefox go to: about:preferences



Step 3: Scroll Down to Applications



Step 4: Under Portable Document Format (PDF)  choose your PDF Program


Acrobat/Kofax/PDF Docs




As long as you use Pacer in FireFox, court pdf documents will automatically open in your default pdf program and can be saved into NetDocuments.


If you are a heavy Pacer user.  It might be easier just to make Firefox your default browser and use NetDocuments in Firefox:


You should also look at these programs:

PacerPro – Manifold



We have also discovered a chrome extension that somewhat mimics the Firefox behavior for PDFS.


Open in PDF Reader: