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It Was Great In the Beginning

In the early 1990s, Worldox gave professional services firms unprecedented security—at a time when “the cloud” was just those things in the sky that sometimes brought rain.

When Innovation Stops, Age Isn't Kind

But as time passed and the cloud became a robust storage option that allowed secure mobile access to data, Worldox started falling behind.

  • Cloud-based document management systems were allowing offsite access that offered the same experience to staff that they’d expect on-site
  • Integrations with popular software packages and operating systems
  • No need to maintain on-site servers and document management systems
  • Disaster-proof document access and storage
  • Theft-proof document security—even when potential thieves are employees with technical knowledge

And as document management systems like Worldox stood still with features and hard costs, data costs in the cloud have plummeted, and cloud-based features have outpaced the changing world.

Cloud-Based Document Management Hit Its Stride

Firms using cloud-based document management systems don’t have to worry themselves about…

  • Hardware costs, repairs, and upgrades
  • IT salaries
  • Security systems, testing
  • Backups
  • Disaster recovery plans, testing
  • Being tied to a traditional office environment
  • Left stranded and helpless when the unexpected happens

When disaster struck, Cloud-based firms didn't miss a beat.

No law firm escaped Covid-19. But there was a striking difference in how cloud-based law-firms were able to handle the disruption. 

Firms that had already made the switch in how they managed documents already had a reliable, secure way to create, edit, store, locate, and collaborate on documents.

It’s sad to see a work-horse put out to pasture—but luckily, there’s a better option.

NetDocuments is the gold standard of cloud-based document management systems and offers unparalleled security and mobile features that law firms, financial firms, and engineering firms love.

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NetDocuments Offers Benefits that can Transform a Firm

With NetDocuments, most of the pain-points people had with On Premise DMS are gone forever:

  • Reduce costs and complexity. You no longer need to maintain hardware like the Worldox Indexer and the Worldox Document Server
  • System agnostic. NetDocuments can be used on any computer, Windows or Mac
  • Ease of use. Sharing files is a simple, fast process
  • Redundant backups in the cloud. No more on-site backups to worry about (and restore from)
  • Safe, secure document management. Crypto locker viruses aren’t an issue
  • Customizable access rights. Give access to documents and projects only to people who need it
  • Increased compatibility. Integrations with popular software, such as Microsoft 365
  • Sharing large files is easy and painless
  • No “remote offices.” The experience at the office is the same as the experience at home or anywhere else
  • Disaster-proof. Your team doesn’t need to worry itself with disaster recovery tools
  • No manual updates. Experience and security are always improving without interrupting your workflow
  • Immediate bug fixes. Fast security updates reduce the time you are exposed to threats
  • One step ahead. The mobility and flexibility of NetDocuments will have you ready for a change before you need it, which means less disruption 

Ready to Take Advantage of All the Benefits NetDocuments Has For Your Firm?

If you want the ability to go mobile with the same experience, speed, security, and access as you get at the office…

If you want to reduce your dependence on hardware and the expense that comes with it…

If you want your documents handled by a disaster-proof system that is immune to crypto viruses…

If you want to kick “remote offices” to the curb and make the task of offering outstanding service to your clients from anywhere an easier task…

If you want a reliable, secure way to create, edit, store, locate and collaborate on documents from anywhere on any device…

If you want to change now before a disruption forces a change on you…

If you want to reduce workflow interruptions…

If you want to standardize organization and locate all documents more quickly…

If you want to work from home with all the security and access you have at the of the office…

Not convinced?  Let’s do a feature by feature comparison…

Remote Access

NetDocuments is a cloud-based program, so it wins hands down on the remote access portion.  You can open up NetDocuments from any device that has internet access and a web browser.  NetDocuments is available via the Web, their mobile app, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat. You can work remotely in the applications you already know. To access Worldox remotely, you need to use something like terminal services (Remote Desktop). That was great in 2002, not so great now.

Multiple Offices

NetDocuments is pure cloud, so it is already set up for multiple offices.  You need to purchase Worldox enterprise to run in multiple offices.  That means buying multiple servers.  NetDocuments triple replicates all its data; with Worldox Enterprise, you have a single point of failure.


Worldox is only as secure as your network is.  So, you are leaving it up to your IT Staff and your users.  Here is the list of the Certifications you get when purchasing NetDocuments:

Mac Integration

Worldox doesn’t work on a Mac.  NetDocuments will work on a Mac. 

Total Control of Firm Documents

How easy is it for an employee that is about to quit to take a whole bunch of files with them? Worldox can be accessed via your Windows folder structure.  Users can bypass Worldox and copy stuff to a flash drive.  NetDocuments is setup up to alert you when documents are about to be copied out of the system, and there are no back doors.

Cryptolocker Virus

How easy is it for something like the Cryptolocker virus to encrypt all your files and make them useless?  This can happen with Worldox; it can’t happen with NetDocuments. 


In Worldox, you have to set up every single cabinet to be based on profile attributes.  In NetDocuments, we can choose specific cabinets like Client to be profile-based, and other like forms to be folder based.

Look / User Interface

When comparing both products, people seem to think that NetDocuments has a more modern user interface.  It looks better.  It feels better. It makes sense.

Mobile Access

Both have iPhone/iPad apps; only NetDocuments has an android app.  For Worldox’s app to work, you have to install Worldox Web, which requires you to install a web server.  NetDocuments integrates directly with the Microsoft Office suite on mobile devices.


NetDocuments is completely transparent about its status.  If there is a hiccup, they post it.

Worldox is only as good as your infrastructure.  So, if you have a good IT person, you will probably have a good experience.  However, you will never have the redundancy NetDocuments has.  Worldox will have to go down when you update your servers and the software. 

Forward Thinking

NetDocuments continues to innovate, buying new companies, and adding new features.  Worldox announces new features like encryption at rest (Wear), but they never come out.


When trying to come up with an accurate comparison, you need to factor in the following to run  


  • The cost of the multiple servers
  • The IT Cost to maintain those servers
  • The cost of backup software on those servers
  • The cost of downtime if those servers go down
  • The cost of supply remote access to the program

All that is built into NetDocuments.  On software price alone, Worldox is less expensive, but this vanishes when you look at all the factors.


In the early 2000s, firms began moving from WordPerfect to Word.  You never ran into a firm converting from Word to WordPerfect.  All new firms that started were going with Word. 

To this day, there are still firms using WordPerfect, but they are a vast minority.  

WordPerfect = Worldox

Word = NetDocuments

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