Its all about the Integrations, Why NetDocuments is the Clear Winner

Over the years, it has been my experience that there are no single solutions for lawyers. The Modern Law Firm will be built by finding software and connecting it to create an efficient law office.  To do that, we need the ability to integrate.

Unfortunately, Integration is another marketing term that gets thrown around.

Let me give you an example.

You are running PCLaw and NetDocuments.  You hire a nerd like me to write a FairCom or SQL Query so that when a new matter is opened in PCLaw, it gets added to NetDocuments.

I don’t consider that an integration.

A genuine integration is when a Legal Accounting or Practice Software spends its own money to build a direct link.

Centerbase has built a natural integration with NetDocuments.  When you are in the Centerbase Matter, you can see directly into NetDocuments.  You might be using two separate software products, but they act like one.


I have set up NetDocuments for almost 300 Law Firms between 10 and 150 users.  Based on those firms, I have taken note of what Front and Back Office software they are using:

Lets see who they have chosen to integrate with?

Software NetDocuments Worldox iManage
ActionStep Yes No No
Advologix Yes Yes Yes
Bill4Time Yes No No
Clio Yes 3rd Party App 3rd Party App
Centerbase Yes No No
Cosmolex Yes No No
LegalSense Yes No Yes
Orion Yes Yes No
RocketMatter Yes No No
SalesForce Yes No No
Soluno Yes No No
Tabs3 Yes Yes No
TimeSolv Yes No No
ZenCase Yes No No
ZolaSuite Yes No No
Total 15 4 3


What’s the big deal with NetDocuments?  Why have all these companies spent their money building integrations with NetDocuments?  Why don’t Worldox and iManage have just as many integrations?

I now make almost 100% of my income from NetDocuments, so I am pretty biased.  Is everyone else?