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How to Determine how many files you have in Worldox

By May 16, 2019June 5th, 2022No Comments

If you are using a Windows Folder Structure, instead of Worldox,  Click here.

Step 1:  In Worldox, go to Help –> About Worldox


Step 2: Make Note of the Mirrored From Folder



Step 3:  Type that location into Windows Explorer


Step 4:  Go down to wdexport and run the file



Step 5:  Select all your Firm’s Cabinets for Export


Save the output file to your desktop as Worldox Files.csv


Step 6:  Once that is done, open the file in Excel



So in this instance you 7169 files in Worldox.  Technically its 7168, since the row headers add a line.