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What you need to know about the new NetDocuments ndMail Browse Feature

By February 5, 2023No Comments

In my NetDocuments, I require an author field to be filled out when someone saves ANYTHING.

When someone clicks and saves an email to NetDocuments via ndMail, it bypasses the regular save, and only fills out the Client, Matter, and Doc Type.

This causes you to start getting a lot of emails saved to into NetDocuments without required attributes filled out.


Part 1:  Setting up ndMail Browse

Step 1: Make sure all users have ndMail 1.12 Installed

How to determine what version of ndMail you have:

Download the newest version of ndMail:

Step 2:  Have your Cabinet Admin turn on this feature in your NetDocuments Cabinets.


Allow users to apply profile attributes on ndMail Browse dialog:

  • Off – The Default
  • On – Gives the user the option of using it
  • On and Force – Forces them to use it.

Part 2:  Using ndMail Browse

Step 1:  Click on the Blue Person Driving a Car when saving an email


Notice that the Author Field is filled out:


Step 2:  Profile the Client and Matter and Hit Select


Step 3:  Now Click File


Further reading: ndMail 1.12 Release Notes:

In Actual Use: