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Using NetDocuments to edit Word files with multiple people at the same time

By February 5, 2023No Comments

Working with multiple people on a Microsoft Word document offers a lot of advantages. Everyone involved can work together and make important changes, edits and additions in almost real time. This means that documents get finished much more quickly, enabling groups to move forward on projects and discussions faster. Collaborating also allows team members to benefit from different skill sets while working in the same file, leading to higher quality results through collective expertise. In addition, sharing one document simplifies the document-revision process because only one document should remain at the end of all collaborations. With multiple people collaborating on one Microsoft Word document, users can create better content faster as well as improve communication among all team members.

If your documents are in NetDocuments, multiple people can now work collaboratively on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents all at once. And while this exciting feature isn’t new – Google Documents have had it for years – you will need Office 365 to make it happen.

Part 1: Invite Someone to Collaborate

Step 1: In NetDocuments right click on a document –> Open In –> Microsoft Word Online


Step 2: Click Share


Step 3:  Send the email to your collaborator

Outlook web email

Part 2: The Collaborator

We are now on the other user’s computer.  They get the email you just sent.

Step 1: Open the Email


Step 2: Click Open Online


You are now both in the word documents together and can make changes and see them in real time.