What Law Firm’s still clinging to Worldox need to be worried about the new version of Outlook

As a former Worldox Consultant, I have hands-on experience with the platform and performed my last Worldox installation in 2016. Back then, Worldox boasted approximately 7,000 customers. However, in 2022, when NetDocuments Saved acquired Worldox, the number of Worldox customers had dwindled to around 3,500.

NetDocuments will continue to support existing Worldox customers shortly. However, they will no longer be creating new software for Worldox.

That brings us to the new version of Outlook being released in 2024. If you are a current Outlook user, you have probably seen this option:clip_image002

The new Outlook has a completely redesigned interface that mimics what you see in Outlook Web Access. This new version uses integrated web and app extensions instead of the old legacy Com Add-ins that on-premise products like Worldox rely on.

What does this mean for Law Firms using forward-thinking software like NetDocuments?

You are good to go. Before the Worldox acquisition, NetDocuments had already developed an integration for Outlook. See this article about using NetDocuments with the new version of Outlook.

What does this mean for Law Firms using Legacy Software like Worldox?

Worldox is not compatible with the latest version of Outlook since it will no longer support Com Add-ins. This means that you can no longer save emails if you are currently using Worldox. It is unclear when exactly Microsoft will discontinue support for the older version of Outlook. However, it is a possibility that you may lose functionality if you continue using outdated software like Worldox. Now might be an excellent time to consider transitioning to a more modern and efficient document management software that creates future-proof integrations.

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