Troubleshooting ndclick on a windows computer

On Windows 10 Machines, you need to make sure Everyone has Full Control of the RSA Folder.

Part 1: Windows RSA Folder Settings

Step 1: Go To C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto

Step 2: Right Click on the RSA Folder, Choose Properties and then Security

Step 3: Click on Everyone and then Edit


 Step 4: Check every box under allow

Part 2: A Second ndOffice Launches

When you open a document from NetDocuments, you are using ndClick and ndOffice.  If one of those is set to run as administrator and the other is not, you will get programs.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\NetDocuments ndOffice

C:\Program Files (x86)\NetDocuments\ndClick

Make sure that Run this program as an administrator is not checked on either option.

Part 3: If using Google Chrome

Step 1: Close ndoffice and ndclick

Right Click on ndclick (the checkbox) and click exit.

Right Click on ndoffice, click the gear –> Settings –> Exit.

Step 2: Click on three dots and then Settings

Step 3: Click on Advanced – Clear browsing settings

Step 4: Choose Last 7 Days and click Clear Data

Step 5:  Restart your computer