The Folder Import Tool is now embedded into ndOffice 4.0

July 1, 2024

NetDocuments has released the latest version of ndOffice, version 4. In addition to the existing functions, ndOffice 4 brings an imbedded folder import tool.  The folder import tool used to be a standalone product that was getting pretty old.  It also didn’t work in the Canadian Data Center.  We covered its use in this article.  Special thanks to Paul Hoffbrand for helping me with this article. 

Using the Folder Import in ndOffice

When ndOffice 4.0 is installed, you will see the new upload tab in the Activity Center:


Step 1: Choose what to import

You can initiate an import in a few different ways:

  • Drag and drop items into the rectangular drop zone
  • Select the word Files from the rectangular drop zone to open the file picker;
  • Select the word Folders from the rectangular drop zone to open the folder selector which will only allow folders to be selected for importing.

Note: Importing an entire folder tree keeps the whole folder structure when imported into NetDocuments.


Step 2: Select the Designation in NetDocuments

Once you have selected your desired files and/or folders, click the button that appears in the bottom right corner:

Navigate to your desired location in NetDocuments. You can select a workspace by either profiling it, searching it out via the search field, or navigating to it clip_image004[4]using the button. These work the same as in all other areas of ndOffice.


After you’ve chosen the NetDocuments location, you will be brought to the upload page where you can review the upload details including the location and the number of files to be uploaded, and the profile.

Step 3:  Click Upload


When upload begins, you will be brought to a new screen showing the status of each document:


They will either show as pending, uploaded successfully, or failed. A green progress bar will display for each individual document, indicating the progress of that document.

Step 4: Click Finish or Review the Results

Once all documents have been uploaded (or attempted to upload in the case that some may have failed) a screen will display the number of files successfully uploaded:


If any files had failed to upload, the number of files failed would also display here.

clip_image002Clicking will bring you to a folder where you can open a .csv file to review a report of the import log showing all upload successes as well as any failures and reasons for the upload failures. Clicking
clip_image004[7] brings you back to the first import screen to start a new import.


clip_image008[5]You can always easily navigate to all previous logs from the more button at the top right corner of the activity centre, available on every screen of the clip_image010[4]

Doc Import Error Handling

If a file fails to upload on the first try, you will be given the opportunity to retry the upload. You can retry an upload up to three times. After the third time, you will no longer be given the opportunity to retry that upload.

If the error continues to persist, we suggest viewing the logs and addressing the error given as to why the upload failed.

If a file fails to upload due to reasons that a retry would simply not resolve the issue, such as an unsupported file extension in NetDocuments, a retry option will not be offered as a retry would never fix that issue.