NetDocuments integrates with Visio

October 30, 2023

NetDocuments has integrated with Visio since ndOffice 2.8 which was released at the beginning of 2022. 

According to NetDocuments:

“We’re pleased to announce that ndOffice 2.8 supports MS Visio in the same way it supports MS Word/Excel/PPT. You can now Save and Open Visio documents directly to/from NetDocuments via ndOffice. Additionally, if a Visio document is attached to an outgoing email draft, ndOffice can be used to convert that Visio document into a PDF after sending, just like with any other attachment.”

I only bring this up because I just ran into an estate planning firm that didn’t know the integration existed.

When you click Save or Open in Visio, you will see the NetDocuments Plugin:


If you purchased Visio after ndOffice was installed on your Computer, you can still add the integration based on the steps I outlined in this video: