Law Firm Security: Why you should never use an Admin Account

November 8, 2018


On my MacBook Pro, I have standard and not admin rights. I have the same setup on my PC.

Administrator Access has the ability to install new software and viruses that have snuck their way onto a computer. If your account does not have permission to install software, it cannot install a virus. This is a full proof way to prevent being infected with a virus.

When I need to install a piece of software, a prompt comes up asking me to enter the administrator password.


If I am installing a piece of software, I just enter the username and password and hit okay or unlock. If this randomly comes up, I do not give it permission.

Can I just use Antivirus Software?


Read this Quote from PC Magazine”

“According to the study’s results, most of the newly detected malware went undetected by nearly half of the antivirus vendors. After two months, one third of the antivirus scanners still failed to detect many of the malware samples. The malware that Lastline Labs dubbed “least likely to be detected” indeed went undetected by the majority of antivirus scanners for months, or was never detected at all. This malware is probably the advanced kind created and exploited by cyber-criminals targeting larger organizations and businesses.”

Want to have really good Law Firm Security?  Don’t use an Admin Account.