It’s time to stop using the EMS Profiler with NetDocuments

November 8, 2018

Our company does anywhere from 30-40 NetDocuments installs a year.  When we first started out in 2010 we were installing:

  • NetDocuments Application Integrations / ndoffice
  • NetDocuments Adobe Integration
  • EMS Profiler
  • EMS Folders

If you had NetDocuments installed between 2010 – mid 2016 you probably got all of that.  If you had NetDocuments installed after mid 2016 you just got ndoffice.

NetDocuments is always updating their products and they made it so you only need ndoffice.

I have about 40 clients that have no clue what the EMS Profiler or Folders are, they just use the ndoffice save.  I never get support calls from them.

I also have all my clients that had EMS installed.

I hear from them all the time, because, EMS is legacy software and buggy.  The solution is to stop using the EMS Profiler and just use the ndsave.  Do you really need 3 different ways to save an email to NetDocuments?


Clients don’t want to do that because they like the EMS Profiler.

Trust me, ndsave is better.  It is faster and more efficient.  It never breaks.  It’s the wave of the future, EMS is the past.

Not convinced?  Remove the EMS Profiler (Close Outlook, Add and Remove Programs) for one week, and just use ndsave.  Here is a free video that explains how to use it:

If you still prefer EMS, you can add it back.