Exporting Documents out of NetDocuments when starting a new firm.

After doing this a couple of hundred times, we have found that this is the best way to use the NetDocuments Mass Export Tool to export 1 matter at a time from NetDocuments.

In this example we want to Export the Bluth Company LLC Formation File out of NetDocuments.

Step 1: On the Root of a Drive,  Create a Folder with 1 Character.


Note:  We are trying to limit any windows folder path issues here

Step 2: In that Folder, Create a Folder using the client and matter ID if possible.


Note:  We are trying to limit any windows folder path issues here, so we didn’t use the client and matter name

Step 3:  Download and Install the Mass Export Utility from NetDocuments


Step 4:  Login to the NetDocuments Mass Export Utility

Step 5: Launch the Mass Export Utility

Step 6:  Choose the Following Options


Export From:  Choose the Bluth Company LLC Formation Matter.  You would have need to been in this matter or marked it a favorite in the NetDocuments Interface.

Export To:  Choose the Matter ID folder we created in Step 2.

Versions:  Choose All

Append document IDS to document names –  Check this Box

Step 7: Click OK

Step 8: Wait for this process to finish.


Step 9: Zip the folder.  I usually use 7-Zip