Required Author Fields will not fill out with NetDocument’s ndMail

Most firms that migrated from Worldox to NetDocuments will insist on having an Author Field. In NetDocuments, we can create that Author Field.


We can also set up NetDocuments so that when a user saves a document, their Author automatically fills it out.  There is one caveat to this functionality.

When saving emails via ndMail,  NetDocuments will not fill out the default author.  Therefore, when you go into NetDocuments to view the email, there will not be an Author:


I am not a big fan of the author field. To begin with, it’s mostly a holdover from legacy DMS systems that didn’t easily show who created or modified the document.

When you save an  email into NetDocuments, it automatically tells you:

  • Who Saved the Email into NetDocuments
  • Who was the email sent to
  • Who was the email from


You can do searches on all those fields.

If you still want to use an Author Field and don’t want to see a blank Author,  you can create a default Author for all emails.

Default an Author for all emails

In the Cabinet Settings of NetDocuments,  I have defaulted all emails to have the Doc Type of “Correspondence” and the Author of “Saved from Outlook”.


You must create an Author called “Saved from Outlook” and default it here.  This will get around any annoying issues you have with opening up emails.