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Add a New User in NetDocuments

By May 9, 2022June 5th, 2022No Comments

Step 1: Hi First Name –> Admin


Step 2: Click on Users & Groups

Step 3: Click ADD USER


Step 4: Type in the person’s email address


Step 5: Fill out the person’s information


Option Description
First, Middle, and Last User’s Name
Email Address User’s email address
Username This will default to the email address, and I would leave it at that. This can be changed later.
Phone Number
User Type If the person works for your firm, they are an Internal User. If this is someone that only needs access to one or two client files, they are an External User.


Step 6:  Fill out User Type and other options



Option Description
Repository Admin Type Full: Access to all admin features

Membership Only: Can add new users and new groups, but no access to any other admin features
Non: Has no Admin access

Non-Interactive Service Account Never turn this on
Send Welcome Email This is usually checked. It sends the user an email to create their account.