Office 365 or Google Apps

November 8, 2018

Optiable helps firms migrate to both of these products so we have no dog in the fight.  The cost is pretty much the same for each service so we use the following questions to find the best fit for our clients.



Office 365

Google Apps

You use Outlook 2011 on your Mac
You hate Outlook
You like Gmail
You use Amicus Attorney*
You use Clio*
You use NetDocuments*
You use the Microsoft Office Suite
You use Sane Mail or Mailbox


*In this case, we are going by what is our best experience.  For example, we have clients that have Clio and Microsoft 365.  So it works, but Clio has direct integration with Google Apps, so we find the experience better.  The same thing could be said about  Amicus.  It has direct integration with Office 365 but can be used with Google Apps.  We just think Office 365 offers a better experience.