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Exporting Documents out of Worldox to a Windows Folder Structure

By June 2, 2022September 26th, 2023No Comments

When firms leave Worldox, sometimes they decide not to migrate everything to NetDocuments.
The last firm I worked with had been using Worldox for 20 years and decided they only wanted the last ten years of active files.

Sometimes, an attorney will need an older file moved to NetDocuments.  When you dump documents out of Worldox, it wants to dump them out in a single folder.

There is a way to configure Worldox so you can dump those documents out and have them in appear in Client, Matter, and Doc Type folders.

Step 1:  In Worldox, right-click on a document, go to Send To, and Click Add/Edit


Step 2: Click My Send-To’s and then Add


Step 3:  Fill Out the Form

Description:  Windows Folder Description

Run: %wdcodepath%\wdcopy.exe


@%@ “C:\E\%Field1Desc%\%Field2Desc%\%Field3Desc%\*.*” /LFN

If you need to shorten the Windows folder paths by using the worldox codes instead of descriptions, do this:

Description:  Windows Folder Codes

Run: %wdcodepath%\wdcopy.exe

Parameters: @%@ “C:\E\%Field1%\%Field2%\%Field3%\*.*” /LFN

Step 4:  Do a Search in Worldox

Step 5: Tag All the Documents


Step 6: Right Click on one of the documents, choose Sent To, and then either the Windows Folder Code or Description


Worldox will Export all the documents to a folder in your C Drive called E.  


Once you have exported these files, you can still link them back to NetDocuments using the methods I describe below.

How to Link these files to a Server.

How to Link these files to Vimeo.