Adding a New Client to NetDocuments

3.1 Adding a New Client

Step 1: In Admin, go to Define Profile Attributes


Step 2: Highlight Client and Double Click on it.

Step 3: Click Add Client


Step 4: Fill out the Information Below


The only thing required to fill out is the Client Key. Stay with me here, because what I am about to write is a little confusing.

The legal field is very fond of giving Clients and Matters IDs. Craig Bayer is getting a divorce and hires an attorney. That attorney’s firm creates a file for Craig Bayer and in their accounting software, Craig Bayer is given the Client ID of BayCra.


In that case, I would enter BayCra as the Client Key and the Description as Bayer, Craig. So, if you have some sort of numbering system, keep using that in NetDocuments, so everything stays the same. If you have no sort of Client Numbering system, then just add Bayer, Craig as the Client Key and leave the description blank.


If you have an accounting system that generates client ids, entire the client id in the Client Key and the Client Name in the Description. If you don’t, just enter the Client Name in the Client Key.