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Transform Your Law Firm: Unleash the Power of Modern Technology

Create the Right Infrastructure of Systems and Tools

Starting a law firm from the ground up requires more than just legal knowledge; it takes powerful technology to bring your dream to life.


February 21st, 2024


1:00 PM ET

(1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern)

Webinar Host

Craig Bayer

NetDocuments Consultant

Craig Bayer is a NetDocuments Consultant who has:

  • Successfully migrated over 300 Law Firms from Worldox to NetDocuments
  • Set up NetDocuments at over 450 Law Firms

Webinar Guest

Deborah Schaefer

Law Firm Consultant

Deborah Schaefer is a consultant specialized in the legal market who:

  • Partners with law firms of all sizes to streamline solutions that fit each firm’s unique needs
  • Assists with the selection, implementation, training, and support of computer-based accounting and practice management systems

Your law firm needs a modern infrastructure of systems and tools that can…

  • Streamline workflows
  • Securely store data
  • Manage client relationships
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • … all while staying compliant with industry regulations!

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