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Discover What You Should Know About Document Management

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Brown accordion folders stuffed tight with legal briefs, agreements, paper clips, and other old-school fasteners called staples…

Bank boxes that started off neat and organized, but always seemed to end up a mixed mess of papers and manila folders…

Then there were file cabinets…
Card catalogs…

All of it heavy, nothing easily found, and the most important documents seemed the most likely to be lost or destroyed.

Modern Document Management Software (DMS) are infinitely better… and more dangerous.

A well-planned DMS can exceed security regulations, and help you sleep at night knowing your data is off-limits to malicious actors.

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The Right Docs to the Right People

With the right DMS, your documents can be organized in a way that makes them just a few keystrokes away from the people who need them.

Access can be granted, revoked, and security permissions locked down so tight that even your most critical client will be satisfied.

For law firms, easy, quick access to the right data can be a competitive advantage over firms whose DMS is less sophisticated.

For other professional services companies, a well-planned DMS can exceed security regulations, and help you sleep at night knowing your data is off-limits to malicious actors.

That is all good news.
But not everything is completely rosy…

The DMS Truth

Let’s talk about the tough stuff…

Not all DMS options are created equal. And simply having a solid DMS, doesn’t mean it’s set up to protect your business and work seamlessly with your company’s individual workflows.

Let’s face it… implementing a new DMS can seem like an insurmountable roadblock when it isn’t set up to complement how your company does things.

And if your employees don’t adopt it, you’re back to dealing with rogue documents floating around that could become a reputation disaster if they’re somehow acquired by hackers or malicious actors.

Which is why I wrote the whitepaper “What You Should Know About Document Management”.

I know, the title isn’t gripping… but the content could literally save your company.

Some of what you’ll discover includes…

The smart way to allow a mobile workforce. How to give employees access to data at home, on the road, and on their phones without it becoming your firm’s Achilles heel.

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Weaknesses most professional services firms don’t think about. The six fail-points with a mobile workforce (and how to lock them down).

And much more....

Turning disasters into pests. How to transform stolen laptops, phones, employee theft, and hostile viruses into unfortunate nuisances instead of show-stopping disasters.

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