Please Patch Your Devices

As new technologies roll out each day, both cybersecurity firms and hackers look to make the most of them. This means that some of the effort put into enhancing security systems is canceled out by the counteractive exploits of attackers.

That said, many cyber-attacks can be attributed to user ignorance and not hacker sophistication. Most law firms barely update their software, which provides criminals with a straighter avenue to breach law firm security.

A study shows that only 21% of computer users take software update alerts seriously. Reason? Some don’t see the point of it, while others simply won’t sit through the slow process of software download and installation. This explains why Petya and WannaCry terrorized Windows users months after Microsoft released patches for the ransomware.

Regularly updating your law firm’s operating system and software bolsters your defense against malware. When you install an update, you are benefitting from the most recent security patches, making it harder for cybercriminals to find their way into your system.

A security patch is a small bit of software issued by a company to fix a security flaw. Patches target only one component of the software and do not always require the user to restart the application or PC following the update.

Security flaws or software vulnerabilities can affect your system in many ways. They could give attackers access into your PC, where they could install ransomware and encrypt your files or lock you out of your computer.

Vulnerabilities in law firm security systems can facilitate unauthorized access into sensitive client information, which may lead to file loss or data distortion. This may portray your company as reckless and incompetent and even put you on a collision course with the law.

While running updates and executing other security measures is mostly about protecting your company and its reputation, your clients, friends, and partners may also benefit from your law firm’s security habits.

If your devices are compromised, everyone you interact with online is at risk of being attacked.

A. Why You Should Consider Cloud-Based Software

As stated above, regular updates are an essential part of any effective cybersecurity strategy. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies save you the hassle of looking for updates, sorting them out, installing them, and paying for them.

Vendors want clients to use the latest versions of their software, and updates are paid for in your monthly subscription. Your company will also be up to speed with updates, which will put you through a more straightforward learning curve compared to one massive update.

Lastly, your company doesn’t require any particular IT infrastructure to run a SaaS update. All processes and functionalities are cloud-based and taken care of by your vendor, meaning you have no hardware issues to worry about.

B. The Bottom Line

In this digital age, your law firm’s security is almost as important as the software you are using. Play your part by using only the latest software versions and ensuring you are up to date with security concerns and patches. If that’s too much to ask, then consider installing cloud-based software.