Download Optiable’s NetDocuments Workstation Setup Tool

How to Install NetDocuments on Windows Computer

Video of the Workstation Install Tool

Option 1: Manual Install (Walking around to each PC)

Right-click on the tool and choose Run as administrator

Option 2: Scripted Install (Pushing out the install)

Use the run function in windows and add a -batch

NetDocuments Installers

NetDocuments Master Page of all the Downloads:

We want these two programs installed on every computer:

  1. ndOffice
  2. ndClick

Only install these programs if your firm has purchased them:

  • ndMail
  • ndthread

The Options

Do you want NetDocuments to Stamp the Doc ID for your Word Documents?

It allows you to set up the document stamping for Word.  By default, NetDocuments will not Stamp Documents; we recommend Footer Each Page.

For more information, see This Article.

How long should NetDocuments Echo Documents on your workstation?

Recommended = 14 Days

For more information, see This Article. 

Do you want to see emails in the Activity Center of ndOffice?

Recommended = No

The ndOffice activity center shows the last 100 documents you have opened or saved on your desktop.  It’s very usefully for quickly jumping to things.  I find that having the email in here unnecessarily clutters things up.  There I choose no.

*Do you want NetDocuments to prompt you to save emails Automatically?

Recommended = Yes

Even when you click Yes, you will not be forced to save every email you SEND into NetDocuments.  This will give you the option after sending emails.

Suppress ndOffice from showing up on the Task Bar

Recommended = Yes

*Do you want to view the NetDocuments Panel with Outlook? (ndMail only)

Recommended = Yes

*Do you want NetDocuments to Automatically Pop when hitting Save in Office?

Recommended = Yes

For more information, see This Article. 

*Do you want NetDocuments to Automatically Pop when hitting Save in Adobe?

Recommended = Yes

For more information, see This Article. 

*I only make these changes when someone is live with NetDocuments.  If you are installing NetDocuments on a workstation, but the user won’t be using for a week or two, click no.

Lagniappe ( A little extra)

The tool also does the following by default:

  • Adds some registry entries that should help prevent Microsoft office from disabling the NetDocuments plugins.
  • Enables the Mapi Integration by default.  If NetDocuments detects Microsoft Outlook, it will integrate with it.