You're an attorney—not a geek.

You've grown your firm this far, but there's a sense that other firms are taking advantage of this technology--and even gaining an edge.

The scary part is that you're right—technology is giving the law firms an advantage.

But that's also the good news.

You can take advantage of this too.

"How Do I Address This?"


While it would be ideal to have a friend who understands both law firms and the technology that supports them, that's not usually how it works.

That's why I created the monthly Optiable Journal.

Your Monthly Roadmap to a Tech-Fueled Advantage

The Optiable Journal shows attorneys what's possible for their firms, what tech to use, what tech to avoid, and how to use technology to create a competitive advantage.

By signing up for the Optiable Journal, you're getting actionable tech advice, including:

  • Why up to 70% of firms only use practice management software for this one thing. You'll be shocked—and wonder why any firm would carry that much expense.
  • The real cost of running a firm. It's not as complicated as some software sales rep would have you believe. To have a successful firm, you just need these programs.
  • Transforming a small firm to take on goliath. Discover how to use technology as your firm's secret weapon, and act bigger than you are.
  • The three apps every law firm needs (and some surprising apps they don't).
  • Avoiding tech "dead weight". The popular hardware people love that drags your firm down.
  • What to look for in your firm's software. Learn simple ways to evaluate which software is best for your firm and area of law.
  • Alerts to security threats facing your practice, and what you can do to protect it.
  • And more...

Attorneys like you are reducing overhead, securing client data, and building firms other attorneys copycat

Craig really knows his stuff when it comes to using technology in a law office/business. I've watched him teach lawyers about technology and I learn from him every chance I get.

Paul Rabalais
Rabalais Estate Planning LLC

In my view, Craig Bayer is THE expert in legal technology. No matter the software, Web app, or other technology issue, Craig always knows the best solution—usually, off the top of his head! ...His legal technology presentations and seminars are the best I've attended...

Kim Plosky
Litigation Paralegal

I have consulted with Craig on a number of issues ranging from Exchange providers to Worldox issues. As a consultant he is an excellent resource for any law firm IT department...

Johnston Smith
Kings Kreb and Jurgen

You're better than the Genius Bar!

Ernest M Lorimer
Soeder & Associates, LLC

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