Whether you’re planning to implement NetDocuments and feel overwhelmed… Or you’ve purchased NetDocuments and just don’t know where to start…

You face real challenges when you implement a Document Management System (DMS) on your own.

  • Time isn’t renewable.

    You’ve got your normal work to do, so figuring out how to set up your DMS the right way just isn’t feasible.

  • Professional roll-outs aren’t cheap.

    You’d love to hire a consultant to do the work for you, but they come at a cost. In-house implementation may the option you’re left with.

  • Staff acceptance is critical… and difficult.

    Old habits die hard. You know that if NetDocuments isn’t set up properly it may be too cumbersome, and your staff may secretly try to get around the system.

  • Your document security must be air-tight.

    Incorrect setup could create security leaks, destroying part of the purpose behind implementing your DMS.

  • You’re not a NetDocuments expert.

    You don’t know what you don’t know, and want to create a system with maximum utility without starting from scratch.

Doing nothing isn’t an option…

Security threats are real…

And as your company grows and becomes less centralized, ensuring the most important docs are easily accessible is a growing challenge.

The good news is that you have options.

The Secret to a Smooth DIY Document Management System Roll Out

You don’t need to recreate the wheel, or hire consultants at top-dollar to handle the implementation and staff training for you.

There is a step-by-step roadmap that will guide you through your NetDocuments roll out, holding your hand through setup, staff training, and implementation…

Introducing the NetDocuments Self Install Course…

The NetDocuments Self Install Course is the best option for those who want DIY flexibility with guardrails…

It’s like getting the benefit of expert handholding—on your terms.


Here’s some of what you’re getting with The NetDocuments Self Install Course:

The NetDocuments Self Install Course works for any company that is planning to implement a DMS, including law firms, medical practitioners, engineering firms, and more…

Better yet, The NetDocuments Self Install Course was written by the industry’s foremost expert on document management installations.


Don’t Take Our Word For It…

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Be A DMS Genius

If you want to deploy NetDocuments yourself without recreating the wheel…

If you want to ensure staff acceptance with a minimum of pushback…

If you want all the advantages of a DMS without hiring a consultant…

… then the NetDocuments Self Install Course is your path to a DMS rollout.

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