How to block a user from a Workspace in NetDocuments

I want to make sure that Wayne Jarvis cannot see the Bluth Company – Purchase of 4432 Tetrick Road – 999.999-0002 in NetDocuments

There are two things you need to do to make this happen:

1. Block access to the Matter

2. Block access to the existing documents.

Part 1: Block Access to the Matter

Step 1: Go to the profile table in NetDocuments Admin

Step 2: Open up the Matter Attributes and add|N


Click here to find out more about Profile Based Security.

If you had 2 users, your would use:|N*|N

If I had more then 2 users, I would create group to do this.

    • Create Group and add users
    • Add Group to the Cabinet with no default access
    • Use the code Litigation|N (Group name is Litigation in this example)

When that user goes to open the workspace, this is what they will see:



However, they can still do an advanced search to find documents in that workspace.



Part 2: Hide the existing documents from that user

Step 1:  In advanced search, choose that client and matter.


Step 2: Click on the carrot next to search results


Step 3:  Choose Modify Access


Step 4:  Make sure Add is selected.


You don’t want to select remove.

Step 5:  Select Internal Groups and highlight the group and choose Show Members


Step 6: Click No Access


Step 7:  Add that User


Step 8: Click OK